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Your friend A. Keith Hebert wants to talk to you for free using Skype.

Hi! Just dropping you a quick note to let you know I’m on Skype. If you download it too, we can call, video call and instant message each other free – even if we’re on opposite sides of the world. Plus, it’s free to download. Get it and add me as a contact! My Skype Name is a.keith.hebert.

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What is Skype?
Free calls. Make free Skype-to-Skype calls over the internet to Skype users anywhere in the world. Learn more about Skype.


What do I need?
Computer. Skype works on nearly every kind of computer – Windows, Mac, Linux and Pocket PCs.

Free video calls. With a webcam you can make free video calls to your friends, family or business contacts.


Internet connection. A broadband connection is recommended. This improves call and video quality.

Cheap calls to phones. Call people on their landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world at really cheap rates.


Speakers and a microphone. Some computers have these built in, but you’ll enjoy better call quality with a headset.

You’re just one step away from making free calls to other Skype users.

Download Skype

Talk soon,
The people at Skype

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