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Next Conference Call Tonight


Remember, our next conference call is tonight. It’s a great way to hear about things that others are doing successfully and hear marketing concepts from some of our team members. We are here to serve the GobzaCommunity – your success is our priority. To join the conversation call (530) 881-1300 and enter participant code: 344925#.

Spotlight on a Gobzavangelist

Remember last week when we asked you to think about a cause that is important to you? We have one Gobzavangelist who is incredibly committed to an orphanage for young girls in Mexico. She signed up the orphanage and then sent an email telling other supporters all about Gobza; inviting them to sign up under the organization’s GobzaLink. What an awesome way to use Gobza to make a difference in the world. That’s the spirit of Gobza. It’s all about paying it forward and helping others. Gobza is here to help you help others!

Marketing Ideas

Think about someone you know who refuses to be on Facebook. Chances are you haven’t shared Gobza with that person. Take a minute and send this person an email or simply make a call. Don’t forget to include your Gobzalink in all communications. 

We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: businesses who already advertise online are “low hanging fruit”. The ones who have online coupons are already willing to pay for this same service, so just think what they will do when you tell them about Gobza, which, as you know, doesn’t charge a thing! They truly have nothing to lose, but potential sales.


From a twenty-five year old Army veteran, full-time student and stay at home mom:
 “It’s creative minds and a spirit of giving like those at Gobza that have the potential to change a whole lot more than the marketing/advertising world.”

Share the Gobza spirit and let us know what else we can do to serve you. We love hearing from you!

Gobs of Love,

The Gobza Gang

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