The Texas Home & Garden Show

The Texas Home & Garden Show

Please make plans to attend “The Texas Home & Garden Show”.  Don’t miss the show, and please stop by our media booth and speak with our local expect Realtors®.   And make sure you pick up one of our Valuable RPR reports.

Show Highlights

When you attend the Texas Home and Garden Show Series you will find thousands of money-saving ideas that will add value to your home plus make it feel new and updated. You will be easily inspired to list and prioritize specific home and garden projects that will rejuvenate your home and life. Experts are on hand throughout the weekend to help you maximize your money by minimizing your costs. This, along with the ability to meet face to face with company representatives and ask specific questions, makes the Texas Home and Garden Show Series the go-to event.

View the Recap of Last year’s Texas Home and Garden.  Click the link below!

For additional Details click the link Below!

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