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Just a quick observation about behavior and training.  Do you know how to train fleas? It’s a very simple process and I have attached a link showing how easy it is to train fleas.

How To Train Fleas!

The thing about fleas and sometimes people is that once you have been trained you are limited to that training and sometimes never go beyond that skill set.  So you are never really able to break through to the next level using the same set of skills.  And day after day, year after year you keep doing the same thing getting the same results.  So if your business is stagnant and flat lining.  You just might need to make a change to break through to the next level of business.

At RREA we are the thought leaders in the Real Estate business.  We are a full service real estate brokerage in Houston advising consumers on their real estate transactions.  We help sellers and our agents by providing professional videos, photography, and cutting edge technology to showcase their homes for sale.  We also educate homeowners with our blog, social media, and Houston Real Estate Radio Show.  Our professional services help the REALTOR®, builder and developer community showcase and expand their visibility to consumers by partnering with RREA Media.  We are an international, commercial, and residential real estate brokerage expanding our reach to DO MORE for clients foreign and domestic with property in Houston and abroad.

You just might owe it, to yourself, to take a look at what we offer.  And how we can help you make a change in your business.  To break through to the next level.  Contact me, Keith Hebert to find out how we can help you have more of the business you deserve.

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If you are not a Real Estate Agent and would like to learn more about becoming a Realtor.  Click the link to register for our Free Real Estate Career Seminar on November 15th, Saturday at 11 am.  Real Estate Career Seminar


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