Divorce and Real Estate : An Unfortunate Combination : Part 1

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Selling a home can be a harrowing experience even for married couples who consider their marriage to be a stable one. However, while a marriage may dissolve of its own accord, any property involved often requires skilled and experienced professionals to assist the family members in the equitable distribution of the estate.  Particularly, the primary residence.

Even seasoned realtors find themselves on unfamiliar ground when working with divorcing clients.  Despite their acquired experience and best judgement, they still encounter unexpected pitfalls and obstacles throughout the process often resulting in catastrophic consequences for one or both of the spouses.  It’s during these times which are usually fraught with emotional and financial turmoil that a knowledgeable and experienced realtor can guide a family to what is often the best result for all: selling the primary residence.

During my 15 years as a realtor, I’ve assisted many divorcing families with their real estate…

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